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ok not gonna lie..... we love Japan. It's hand's down our favourite Asian destination. We would live there if we could..... oh wait you can for up to 12 months on this working holiday visa. It's all about endless fun for excellent value that offers you the chance to live and work in Japan without speaking Japanese (we are sure you will learn some after 12 months in the land of the rising sun)! You will get support before you land in Japan, and our partners in Japan will continue to do so throughout your time living and working here.  

from £995.00pp

Standard Inclusions

• Online orientation (around 60 min) including Intercultural Training with an intercultural coach

• Meet and greet at Narita or Haneda airport (in the Greater area of Tokyo) with transfers by public transport (shuttle bus and/or train) to your accommodation

• 1 week or 1 month arrival accommodation

• One of the team will accompany you to the city office to help you set-up your tax-number registration, national health insurance , bank account and SIM card registration (SIM card costs are not included in the program)

• Full support in finding a job and working in Tokyo, including:-

  • An in-depth job counselling session (90-120 minutes)
  • Translating your resume to Japanese
  • Accompanied appointment at the employment centre
  • Providing numerous job offers from other sources on an individual case-by-case basis
  • Use of resources at the office, such as printer and PC to research jobs and prepare application documents
  • A trusted and resourceful contact person from the team in Japan for any questions or assistance via phone (even on Whatsapp) email or arranged meetings in the office for an entire year after your arrival in Japan.

Work Japan Ski Programme

• A pre-arranged job prior to your arrival in Japan

• Accommodation while working

• Arrival orientation that covers everything from opening a bank account to finding work and a place to live

• Free or discounted ski passes

• Access to a job database, job support and resume workshops - for future opportunities after your Ski season

• Emergency assistance with work permits, visas and passports if needed

• Plus all of the one week essentials program inclusions above

from £850.00pp

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