At Welcome to Travel, experiences are what they do best.

Their goal is to inspire you to travel, be curious and experience new things through the tours. You will be joined by other like-minded travellers whilst becoming part of a community.

Australia Experts

The team has a collective 35+ years experience in the travel industry, meaning they’re the perfect people to help with your Australia travel needs.

Award Winning

Welcome To will never stop trying to give you the best possible experience, that’s why they’ve won so many awards.

They’re Travellers Too

They’ve been in your shoes so understand you and your travel goals.


Melbourne is, in one word, sensational. One of the most liveable cities in the world. It’s where amazing arts, cultures, food and wine, coffee, sport, and nature come together into one beautiful melting pot.


It’s hard not to love Sydney, it’s a bustling and cosmopolitan global City with a love for the outdoors, surrounded by countless world class beaches. With an envious lifestyle influenced by surf culture, food and drink, Sydney is truly iconic in every sense of the word.

East Coast

The East Coast of Australia is a tropical paradise with so much to offer. Think breathtaking views, native wildlife and thrilling adventures. It is a truly spectacular must-do destination.

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