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Based in the beautiful Bay of Kyparissia in the western Peloponnese, you will be involved with conserving and protecting one of the most important loggerhead turtle nesting areas in Greece.

Depending on the time of year you'll be involved in activities such as the daily surveying of nesting female turtle activity. This will happen on morning patrols, in order to protect any nests that were laid overnight. Once a nest has been found you'll protect them by using a metal grid as a barrier against predation. If necessary some nests may need to be relocated to reduce the risk of flooding by the rising ocean tides. This generally happens in the months of June and July.

During September and August you'll have the task of recording the nest hatching events where you'll monitor the tiny turtles as they make their way to the ocean. After hatching has occurred you'll dig to excavate the nest to gather data on the hatching success. During these activities, volunteers will be able to share their passion for conservation with international visitors and the local community members.

GVI works in conjunction with their local partners to ensure you receive all the necessary training to meet the project's objectives as well as providing opportunities for you to explore the fascinating Greek culture and sights of the surrounding area in your free time.


Day 1 - (Saturday)

Meet the local team at the Athens International airport by 4pm on your program starting date.  You will travel together to the program base which is a campsite in Giannitsochori Bay, a 4 hour bus ride away.

Day 2

Receive orientation and training on the program and our local partners  as well as health & safety training. With the beach being a short walk away from your accommodation, you may be given some downtime to explore and enjoy the immediate surroundings.

Days 3 - 7

Most of your time during the week will be spent on project activities. Your key goal is to  protect the Loggerhead sea turtle nests as well as provide information to locals and tourists about the importance of the beach we monitor.

Your Key Volunteer tasks depend on season and can be:
*Beach patrols
*Nest relocation
*Record hatchling tracks
*Manning a local beach kiosk

Day 8 - Day 9 (usually Saturday and Sunday) 

Weekends will be free for you to explore the local culture and sites along with your fellow volunteers. 

Here are some examples of things you can do in your free time: 
*Visit Aeropoli,  the second largest town in Greece
*See the Monemvassia fortress
*Visit some incredible archaeological sites 

Day 10-14 (Monday to Friday) 

Project work will commence and you will pick up on the activities you started in your first week.

Your last day

Oh no …… no matter how long you’re here for, one of these days it will be time to say goodbye to your newfound friends.  The local project coordinator will drop you back off at the airport in time for your departure flight.


start date


minimum age

you gotta be 18 to do this program


  • Conducting practical work with one of the endangered species in the Mediterranean;
  • Monitoring turtle nesting activity on the beach and watching hatchlings make their journey to the ocean, though this is season dependent;
  • Contributing towards protecting the next generation of Loggerhead sea turtles
  • Experiencing Greek culture first hand in a beautiful area which you can explore in your free time
  • Taking your first steps towards your career in conservation and making a lasting contribution to the preservation of endangered turtles.


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