with our #truezero deposit scheme, you pay nothing, nada, nil, zilch, niente until 6 weeks before departure*

*balance due dates are minimum 6 weeks before departure. Some holidays will require an earlier balance due date and we will inform you at the time of booking if this is different.

Your holiday is covered by our terms and conditions which can be found on our website www.sytetravel.co.uk 2) This is not a confirmed booking. Your holiday arrangements have been held on option until 6 weeks before when your full balance is due to us. 3) Your holiday price is locked in with the exception of your airport taxes. Airport taxes will be calculated at your balance due date and any increase of over 2% of your holiday cost will be applied to your booking. 4) Once your payment has been received this holiday will be ATOL Protected under ATOL 11974 and a confirmation invoice will be issued to you. An ATOL Certificate is not required to be issued until a payment has been received inline with the Package Travel Regulations Act. 5) You are under no obligation to pay your final balance. If you decide not to go ahead with your booking then please let us know and we will cancel your arrangements down at no cost to yourself.

#truezero #truezero #truezero


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