Formed in 2015, Totally Travel is a fairly new kid on the block, however behind the name is a small but awesome team of travel industry professionals who have, for the last 20 years, been organising travel experiences for people just like you - students, young and often first-time travellers or more seasoned adventure seekers. Their team have previously been a part of large national and global travel companies who experience frequent staff turnover and therefore have trouble maintaining consultant expertise; these experiences convinced them that they could do better by focusing on the personal touch, by staying boutique and always accessible to their customer.  By Australians, for Australians and now the Brits.  They know the sorts of things you want out of your experience, and they know how to provide it for you, always with your safety at the forefront of what they do. They have bucket-loads of first-hand travel under their belts, with many years spent visiting and exploring all the awesome places they will send you, and many more!  68 countries at last count, across Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Their partners overseas – those who will look after you on their behalf - are all well established operations who they trust to keep you safe and happy, each with many years in the business of looking after young customers.  Booking with syte, you are in safe hands – guaranteed!

Totally Travel was launched with a simple vision – to provide personal, specialist travel advice to those with a desire to do something more meaningful with their travel time, whether on a week or two of annual leave or an extended overseas adventure.  Promoting responsible and ethical travel is a core value of Totally Travel.  That means together we don't do volunteering in orphanages and we don't send volunteers to work with vulnerable people.  Their wildlife programs all have animal welfare at the absolute forefront of what they do.  The elephant programs all stand against elephant riding and they don't promote cub petting.  At Totally they believe wholeheartedly in connecting with communities overseas as a way to broaden horizons and gain a balanced view of life beyond our shores.  They are absolutely certain that by meeting and interacting positively with people of different nationalities, religions, cultures and race the world can become a better place – there is no better way of breaking down popular and negative misconceptions than through the realisation that most people of the world share exactly the same hopes and dreams as we all do – that they are more the same than we are different.  At syte we believe in the power of travel – Totally!


""10/10 This was such an incredible experience ! I am so happy I have this trip to look back on forever.   I was terrified to travel alone as a young female and for the first time. But you assured me I’d be completely fine (which I was) and answered every question I had no matter how trivial or complex.  I’m so happy I went through you guys! This was the best thing I’ve done in my life.”  Ash 

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