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What is campamerica?

9 weeks working & a month of travelling!  Experience life in the states and earn $2000USD camp salary.

Summer Camp USA allows you to spend up to 4 months living and working in the USA as a Camp Counsellor at a traditional American summer camp. Building life-long friendships, developing leadership skills, teaching an activity or skill and gaining further experience with childcare are just a few of the many benefits you will gain on this work and travel programme.

Inclusions of the programme
• Pre-departure orientation day in the UK to prep you for life at camp
• Entry to BUNAC's Summer Camp USA Job Fairs
• Find you a Summer Camp placement at a US summer camp
• Camp pay of $2000 regardless of age and experience
• All food and accommodation whilst at camp
• Your first nights accommodation in the USA
• Assistance with securing your J-1 camp counsellor visa
• Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019) - essential document needed to apply for your visa and work in America
• SEVIS - a US Government fee
• Travel Medical insurance

VISA TYPE: J-1 Camp Counsellor
VISA ELIGIBILITY: Experience working with children and a confirmed job offer at a US camp

Work Abroad, Change Lives, Earn Money, See America

Extra Costs

Police background check:
Varies depending on nationality – GBP £55 for the UK.

US Embassy J-1 visa:
USD $160.

Proof of support funds:
USD $800. You don’t need to pay this, just be able to prove that you have access to it. 

Flights and travel insurance:
Varies. Medical cover is included while at camp, but all travellers should ensure they have comprehensive travel insurance.

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