11 Days - Mexico Yucatan Experience

Where you'll be going..................

Day 1 - Cancun

When you think of Cancun, you might think spring break students running wild. Well, there is that, but if that’s not your scene then just avoid that time of year, easy peasy! Regardless of what floats your boat, Cancun is a party paradise set against a backdrop of turquoise, Caribbean ocean and white sand beaches. It’s also where we start this trip because it’s near the airport and Cancun is as good a place as any to ease into the trip! When you arrive at the airport, our TruNinja (a cooler way of saying tour guide) will be there to take you to the hotel. Let’s get this show on the road! It’s time for our welcome dinner where you can get to know your new travel friends aka TruFam, over dinner and a few Cervezas (that’s beers for you uncultured swines) by the pool or on the beach. Salut!

Day 2 - Holbox Island

After a long flight and a night on the town getting to know your group a bit better, you probably could do with a bit of R&R, and we couldn’t think of anywhere better than the Island of Holbox for that. A real piece of paradise, seriously beautiful beaches, no cars, loads of funky beach bars with live music and zero stress or troubles insight. Isla Holbox is home to tropical marine life, so make sure you jump in and explore! Although, if you fancy something a little more chill then how do sea hammocks sound? Dreamy right, we told you it was paradise! If you need us, you’ll find us in the hammocks! Just hanging out, ya know (see what we did there). Spend your day relaxing and chillaxing getting ready for the next day as our Yucatan adventure continues tomorrow!

Day 3 - Holbox

Enjoy a lie-in before we jump onto a boat to explore 3 UNREAL locations, just you wait. First up is Bird Island, which is home to many beautiful birds that you will only find here! Next up is ‘’Eye Of The Water’’ cenote, a large natural pool with freshwater springs in the middle of mangroves, sounds like something straight out of a movie, but it’s real! The bright turquoise pool is located just a few metres away from the sea, so make sure your cameras are all charged as you won’t want to miss this very rare sight! Last but definitely not least, we’re off to Passion Island which is home to flocks of PINK FLAMINGOS! This is truly an amazing experience, to be able to see these wonderful birds in their natural habitat! And hey, now is a good time for us to remind you to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons, TruFam! Next, it’s time to hop back onto our boat, enjoy a few beers if you fancy it (or drink of choice, you do you boo) and hopefully catch a stunning sunset! And if we’re even luckier we might see the bioluminescence in the ocean after dark, some immaculate vibes, let us tell you!

Day 4 - Merida

Today is the day! We are off to one of the seven wonders of the world, The Mayan Site of Chichen Itza, a must-see when in Mexico (duh!). We will leave Holbox early to set off to the wondrous monument! Once we arrive, we’ll have a guided tour to learn about the fascinating history of the site and of the Mayan civilisation. Trust us, you won’t forget this moment! After marvelling at the site and ticking it off our bucket list, one of the seven wonders done, it’s time to head to Cenote Ik Kil. Have a dip in the stunning turquoise water, go on, you know you want to, you are at one of Yucatan’s most incredible natural swimming pools after all! Once we’ve had an afternoon splashing about, floating on our backs and looking up to an unreal view, or just chilling and admiring the cenote, it’s, unfortunately, time to leave. Sigh. But fear not, more good times are pending as we head off to Merida and arrive in the early evening. We’ll go on an orientation walk around the city to see all the spectacular sights. Welcome to Merida!

Day 5 - Merida

Today we venture slightly outside of Merida, and we will be cycling between three stunning cenotes, with a spot of lunch along the way of course! After we’ve spent our day chilling and swimming in the Cenotes, we’ll head back to Merida to chill out for a few hours, before it’s time to get ready for our evening! Cycling shoes off, dancing shoes ON! Prepare to get those taste buds tingling as we head out to sample some delicious local food, or what we like to call, the ultimate Mexican feast! Tacos & burritos galore! So you are in Mexico (which you already know) but you can’t come to Mexico and not go tequila tasting. Which is why our next activity for the evening is just that! Well, it’s tequila and mescal tasting to be exact. Tequila is also the national liquor of Mexico! You know what they say when life gives you lemons.. Shot tequila! After we’re all tequila’d out, it’s time to put our salsa dancing skills to the test at one of the many bars with live music Merida has to offer. Told you we would need our dancing shoes!

Day 6 - Bacalar

Rise and shine! This morning we wave goodbye to Merida and set off to Bacalar, arriving in the early afternoon. This afternoon we’ll head to Bacalar Lagoon (which has the clearest blue water might we add!). Spend your time here either just chilling and lounging on the sand, taking a kayak/paddleboard out for a little exploring, or just taking a nice refreshing dip. Whatever you fancy! In the evening we’ll find a lovely spot by the water to watch the sunset *cue oooh’s and aaah’s* with a few beers (optional of course). 10/10 end to the day we’d say!

Day 7 - Bacalar

We know what your thinking, we must really love lagoons because YES we are off to another one, but this time it’s the 7 colour lagoon! And it is totally worth it. Why it is 7 colours or how is it 7 colours you ask? Well, we’re no scientist’s, but we do know that it’s because the clear waters and white sandy bottom of the lagoon cause different shades of turquoise, blue and deep indigo to appear. But we can just pretend it’s magic because you’ve got to see it to believe just how amazing it is. Throughout the day we’ll stop at several places along the way to cool off, get those photos for the ‘gram and of course, we can’t be going hungry, so we’ll stop off for some lunch as well! What an epic week so far!

Day 8 - Talum

Did someone say trendy beachside town? Hell yeah, we did! We are off to Tulum today, where we can spend the afternoon exploring the town and seeing what this funky beachside town has to offer or simply relax on the white sandy beaches. Vamos A La Playa! Once we’ve had our beach fix, it’s time to head into own for tonight’s dinner and drinks with the rest of the TruFam, cheeeers!

Day 9 - Talum

In the morning, we head to Tulum archaeological site in the Riviera Maya to explore the ancient Mayan ruins. Sounds like a mesmerising sight to see anyway right? Well, now imagine the brightest of blue ocean and white sandy beach as a backdrop, it’s tru-ly one of a kind so make sure those cameras are all charged up and ready to go! Wait till the ‘gram hears about that *wink wink*. After marvelling at this spectacular view, we head down to the beach to take a refreshing dip as it looks extremely inviting, and enjoy a cocktail (or two, or three, you decide) at one of the groovy lil’ beach lounges. This is the life.

Day 10 - Playa Del Carmen

Ok, so we have a thing for stunning lagoons, but we also have a thing for amazing beaches (if you didn’t figure that out already) and that’s why we are off to Playa Del Carmen, which is a popular resort town by the beach! You can spend your time here doing some shopping for souvenirs or just to treat yourself (you deserve it), or relax on the beach and top up that tan to fulfil that summer glow we all dream about. The choice is yours! All good things must come to an end, which means it’s time for our farewell dinner and drinks in this lively, exciting town. Let’s make this a night to remember or not to remember depending on how many tequila sunrises you have but we don’t judge!

Day 11 - Home

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. How is it day 11 already? Well, we aren’t so sure either, but we know it’s been one heck of a trip, with memories and friends made for a lifetime. We’re sad to see you go, but that just means you’ll have to come back again soon! If your adventure doesn’t stop there, our TruNinjas will be happy to help with any onward travel but if it’s homebound then don’t be a stranger! Stay epic, TruFam, it’s been a dream! Ready to get to Mexico?


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