bamba started operating with a hop-on hop-off bus service. After trial and error, bamba realised that travellers were very interested in not only being around other backpackers and meeting them, but they also wanted to have the opportunity to travel in local transportation, and have many more interactions with local people.

For this reason, bamba decided to create a new way of travelling, called the Flexible Travel Pass. Travellers still have the same flexibility to stay as long as they want in each destination, and create their own itinerary; while at the same time travelling not only in shuttle vans with other backpackers, but also with a mix of local transportation such as Public Buses, Boats, Trains and sometimes flights. The idea behind this is to make sure travellers have the opportunity to travel in exactly the same way as if they were travelling on their own, but much easier and with the reassurance that they make the

most out of their travel experience. Today, bamba has grown in size from Paul and Arturo’s original vision to include buses, experiences, guides and support staff in more than 80 countries worldwide.

What bamba is today...Bamba is the one stop solution for independent travellers in Latin America and around the world. bamba’s purpose is to make independent travel very easy. We help travellers by giving them the opportunity to create their own schedules, choose the route they want to follow and let them stay for as long as they want in each destination.

With our help, travellers will spend more time travelling, and less time arranging and figuring out their trip. We are expert world travellers, and we love what we do!

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